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My Approach

I am trained in talking therapy which can be useful for people to explore their problems. Arts therapy can be helpful for people who find it difficult to put their experiences into words or for particular times in the therapy process.

I integrate a range of theories to support you to understand yourself and your relationships with others. These include: how the past impacts on the present (psychoanalytic/dynamic), and developing an understanding of our relational dynamics and patterns (attachment). From a humanistic perspective, I work with cultivating awareness and exploring blocks and difficulties in the here and now, (gestalt), the habitual patterns of behaviour we employ, the stories we tell ourselves, the roles we play and the messages we learned as children (Transactional Analysis).

I am interested in how the research in neurobiology has informed us about trauma, the body and the brain, This offers the potential to work with trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and depression in a different way, It can also be useful to look back at how events, people, situations in the history of the family may be transmitted from one generation to another and still be impacting on our lives.

As well as working with people born in the UK, I also have experience with clients from mainland Europe and South America and the complexities that come with creating a life in a different country.

I draw on my knowledge about creativity to explore the issues you bring. These can include:

  • dream work
  • using objects to create a 'story' rather like a film or theatre scene
  • storytelling
  • visual art
  • poetry and creative writing
  • clay
  • dramatherapy
  • working with the body

If you have experienced trauma, working with the body and/or using materials such as paints can be containing. Ultimately, you decide if you would like to use the arts.

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